With some artists the lyrics seem secondary to the music, almost irrelevant even. With some you can’t get past how awkward they are. With Courtney Barnett they just come to you, naturally, at the right time, the right weight, and in exactly the right order to make perfect sense of a confusing world: wry, witty, casually brutal in their dissection of a person’s thoughts, character tropes and observations.

Depreston conforms to this rule, a rule that seems yet to be tested by the exception. Helpfully, to go with the yet another strong lyric is yet another easy melody that does a perfect job of letting Barnett’s drawl run the show, waiting for a break in the story for the opportunity to take flight with a delicate solo.

You said we should look out further,

I guess it wouldn’t hurt us.

We don’t have to be around all these coffee shops.

Now we’ve got that percolator,

never made a latte greater.

I’m saving twenty-three dollars a week.

Depreston is taken from the album Sometimes I Sit And Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit, out on 23rd March via Milk!.