Walk Beside Me is the first single from On Earth, the forthcoming album from Swedish duo Blind Lake. The song’s subject comes from frontman Måns Wieslander’s time spent driving back and forth to the countryside to see his brother in the last weeks of his life.

We were driving every day across the meadows and fields

to see you lying on a couch, your eyes the color of thieves in heaven.

It starts, as so many practices around funerals do in western cultures, in the calm of quiet reverence, and expressions of love and gratitude. Later, like all the best memorials it builds into something that finds catharsis through a celebration of life and energy or, as on this occasion, a bouncy disco beat and string swirls.

Taking their name from a Robert Charles Wilson’s 2003 sci-fi novel, Blind Lake are Lotta Wenglén (guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, vocals) and Måns Wieslander (guitar, drums, bass, vocals). Wenglén has previously played and recorded with Chip Taylor (“Wild Thing”, “Angel of the Morning”) and toured and recorded with Nina Persson of the Cardigans in support of an award winning documentary called “Jag är min egen Dolly Parton” (I Am My Own Dolly Parton). Her pre-solo band ba-ba-loo toured with Whiskeytown and The Lotta Wenglén band opened for The Cave Singers. Måns Wieslander played with Australian punk band The Saints while his solo band Elevator Adam supported the likes of The Posies and Hoodoo Gurus.

On Earth is out on June 9th.