It’s good to have a little mystery in life, right? To not have all the answers, to not be able to find out, with a few keypresses, a lifetime, a history, the favourite pot plant, the one thing they would save from the fire, red sauce, brown sauce or no sauce at all.

Alma Elste is from Paris, but you don’t need to know that to enjoy Virtualism. She’s 22. Probably. I read that somewhere but can I vouch for it? Again, not strictly relevant to the enjoyment of the song.

I’m going nowhere with this.

I could describe the track, or the rush I feel from the wave of chords, but - at the risk of repeating myself - not strictly relevant.

You can just click the little play icon and find out for yourself. You can, and you should. And, I think, you will. Let’s be honest, it will be a better way to spend three minutes than reading any more of this nonsense.