Apparently, while I wasn’t paying attention to what’s trending, Wolf Alice were busy being the most blogged about UK artist of 2013. I guess that’s the sort of thing I’d have noticed had I spent more time staring at my twitter feed last year, instead of waiting until 2014 to become unhealthily obsessed.

Anyway, there’s four of them, they’re from London, and they are guitary in a way that has inspired several writers to use the word grunge in discussing them. I don’t see it myself, but that might be because any form of grunge revivalism is something that I would quite happily not see come to pass any time in the near future. If anything, there’s a My Bloody Valentine wall of sound up front on Storms, a wall that comes tumbling down with each of Ellie Rowsell’s delicate verses, before being hastily re-erected for the violent onslaught of the chorus and the track’s unflinching finish. I realise words like violent and onslaught might give the impression that Storms is a harsh, angry, tough listen; it isn’t that at all. Intense, perhaps, but never rough.

Creature Songs is out on 26th May, on Dirty Hit. Before then, the band is touring the UK in May - tour dates can be found on the band’s web site -

You almost certainly didn’t hear it here first, but Wolf Alice could just be destined for great things.