Hey, I didn’t get the memo, email, fax, owl or raven announcing the release of Brill Bruisers, a new album from The New Pornographers set for release on August 26th (on Matador). No bother, since literally every music web site that tweets was busy fighting for that all-important you saw it here first badge, making sure the news was all over my feed.

Slow and steady won’t win this race (hasn’t won this race), but here’s the title track to whet your appetite in advance of the full album release. Try to keep your mind on the song, but make sure to have fun with the mesmeric and highly addictive neon paint swirliness:

And for those that like to imagine songs based on their titles, here’s a track-listing:

  1. Brill Bruisers
  2. Champions Of Red Wine
  3. Fantasy Fools
  4. War On The East Coast
  5. Backstairs
  6. Marching Orders
  7. Another Drug Deal Of The Heart
  8. Born With A Sound
  9. Wide Eyes
  10. Dancehall Domine
  11. Spidyr
  12. Hi-Rise
  13. You Tell Me Where

If you need a little help with the imagining, lead-singer and main songwriter AC Newman can help: “This is a celebration record. After periods of difficulty, I am at a place where nothing in my life is dragging me down and the music reflects that.”

You can pre-order the album from Matador, via the band’s website, or from iTunes.