New Emperors is a sampler from new (it was formed towards the end of 2014) London-based label My Little Empire Records, comprising of 19 of the brightest and best new and emerging artists on their roster, including: Max Jury, Tenterhook, Our Mother, Sykes, Corbu, We Came From Wolves and My Sad Captains.

The album was released on January 26th, and is available from Bandcamp on a name your price deal - so it’s free if you want it to be, or you could send a few pounds in the label’s direction if you’re feeling generous or want to say what would no doubt be a well-received thank you.

promoting new music that we love

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

New Emperors Tracklisting

If you’re unsure of the quality on offer, just look at some of the quotes the label have received for these artists - these are fine words from some of the best music blogs around. Embarrassing absence of kind words from RRP is noted. We, er, don’t seem to have featured any of the artists before now, and in a craven attempt to redress that, we’ll just say that New Emperors is a bold statement of intent - a firmly planted marker from an exciting new voice in independent music. And then there’s the label’s own tag-line:

  1. Sykes - Gold Dust - (“wonderfully dreamy” - Indie Shuffle)
  2. Max Jury - Black Metal - (“wistful Americana” - Clash)
  3. Our Mother - Lion OX - (“unique and wonderful” - The Line of Best Fit)
  4. Tenterhook - Stereo - (“one of the most promising artists to emerge so far this year” - When The Gramophone Rings)
  5. My Sad Captains - Goodbye - (“markedly ambitious and serenely detailed” - The 405)
  6. Demons of Ruby Mae - Beneath The Surface - (“a lot of promise” - Clash)
  7. We Came From Wolves - Paradise Place - (“Big choruses, big hooks” - Amazing Radio)
  8. Benjamin Shaw - You & Me - (“Superb” - Drowned in Sound)
  9. Cloud - Cars & It’s Autumn - (“a landmark album” - Goldflakepaint)
  10. Robbie Cavanagh - The Willingness To Move - (“beautifully stunning simplicity” - Shout It Loud)
  11. The Travelling Band - Passing Ships - (“nothing short of majestic” - Louder Than War)
  12. American Wolf - Aurora - (“astonishingly good” - Goldflakepaint)
  13. The Sea & I - The Island - (“destined for bigger things” - More Than The Music)
  14. HEATH - Give Me Over - (“elegant yet full of drive and power” - New Reviews)
  15. Corbu - We Are Sound - (“heavy-lidded dreampop” - The Guardian)
  16. Lewis & Leigh - What Is There To Do - (“a remarkably impressive debut” - New Country)
  17. Barbarisms - The Backwards Falconer #2 - (“Stockholm-Based American offers new perspectives on slacker charm” - Uncut Magazine)
  18. Olympians - Bruch Cannon - (“honest and impeccably cared-for sound” - Musical Maths)
  19. George Cosby - Cold (Demo) - (“very, very beautiful” - Indie Shuffle)