Empathy Test released their debut, the Losing Touch EP, back in February. Word quickly spread that there was a brilliant new synth pop duo on the scene, and their fan-base started to grow, helped also by a series of impressive animations by Richard Swarbrick that used songs from the EP as their soundtrack.

They were never going to remain unsigned forever, and in Spring they were snapped up by Stars and Letters. Throwing Stones is the title track from their second EP, their first for the label, and a clear sign that Losing Touch was not a one-off. It’s simple and beautiful synth pop with an addictive hook.

Taking the tempo down just a touch from the tracks on Losing Touch, Throwing Stones keeps the same gorgeous wraparound sound. The slower pace allows Adam Relf’s synths to linger just a little bit longer, creating a beautiful atmospheric sound, while flickering sounds dance around Isaac Howlett’s confident vocals.

Throwing Stones EP is out on December 9th, and available for pre-order from Bandcamp. Check the link in the media section.

In the meantime, because they’re pretty good at the whole social media thing, the duo have shared a video of them performing another track from the EP - Holding On - at their live debut at The Sebright Arms in September.

If you want to catch them live, you can find tour dates on the band’s website: