Bis are back!

This is not news that will be met with uncontrolled public scenes of excitement and joyful weeping up and down the land. It is news that might be met with shrugs, quizzical looks, and barely concealed fright by serious-minded indie kids.

But hold up there just a moment, because their first release from the forthcoming data Panik etcetera is actually pretty addictive. And it’s not a Smiths cover, so put the pitchfork down, please. Admittedly, softened up by some soothing intro yeah-yeah-yeahing I nearly gave up during the first yelped chorus, but persistence here is rewarded: Bis have clearly been paying attention during their time off, and have sagely determined that rolling synths and disco beats are the future, the chorus to Rulers and the States features more yeah-yeah, a nifty hook and a heavy bass, and each time the song finishes, I have this quite disturbing desire to listen to it again.

Still not a patch on their Powerpuff Girls theme, mind.