As wordy and literate as we music writers like to be, and as much as we like the sound of our own keyboard, sometimes it’s best to let the band speak for themselves. Allow me, then, to present LGM One.

Hailing from Plymouth, UK, LGM One are a 5-piece who were founded by Dave Wells (vocals/synth/keys) & Jon Barraball (guitar/ vocals) after meeting at an after school music club. Since then Darren Worrall (drums), Geoff Heap (guitar/vocals) & most recently Ben Diffey (bass) have collaborated to produce a sound that can be best described as, an indie/electronic/punk mash up with inviting hooks and visceral energy, all fused together to bring you one heck of an almighty show.

I can’t vouch for the might of their show, but I’m inclined to believe them on the evidence of the hooks (both inviting and plentiful) and the energy (relentless).

You can find LGM one on Facebook and Twitter:

and you can buy the Record Store EP from Bandcamp: